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About Pongo & Yuki 

Hi! We're Pongo and Yuki! We are both purebred Pitbulls, LOVE naps, snuggling, treats, going outside, hanging with our family and chasing squirrels! We get judged and discriminated because we are pitbulls. But we cannot help how we were born. Through our training, adventures, story, we hope to change the stigmatism around our breed by educating people and raising awareness. We are going to work with some pretty cool dog trainers, dieticians and are event going to have our own online store! Proceeds will go to animals and strong breeds like us who need a new chance at life! Join us on our journey! 

Pongo - born August 30, 2010

Breed: American Staffordshire PitBull Terrier

Birth Mom and Dad: Sasha & Seiko

Colour: Red 

Adopted Jan. 2011

Yuki - June 4, 2011

Breed: Staffordshire PitBull Terrier 

Birth Mom and Dad: Prada & Riddick

Colour: Champagne

Adopted Oct. 2011 (Thanksgiving Weekend) 

 Want to learn more about our Breed?

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